The simple life afloat of a simple boater in a simple boat.

Butterflies, timepieces, engineers and chains

The butterflies represent those who flit around 

proferring advice and good wishes with largesse,

without getting any dirt under their pristine finger-nails.

The mouse-activated timepiece reminds the ChainGang

that the clock is always ticking for maintenance engineers.

Chain Gang

Motto: " The Ship is Ready to Sail "

Emblem: the signal flag  "Papa"


Rigging Parties come and go .........

1970 Rigging Party including the Eric W's I&II and Steve Stevens!


"The Ship is Ready to Sail" .. .. ..


Things rust! See and and 

Emergency Generator caused fun during the Rochester trip. As a result, the Chain Gang is being expanded  to include an Electrical Element:  As a result of the hoo-haa up the Medway when we should have been enroute to Brixham, Motor-men are being trained as we speak. Documentation, Manuals, Charts, Rigging, Ships Carpenters, Deck Husbandry are all under consideration.

5th Sept: Returning from Eastbourne on Sat 3rd, the Whale Gusher hand-pump in the galley sprung a leak and was repaired today.

The bigger picture at 

Skippers obs Eastbourne Aug30 2005

Tink's KJ observations at Eastbourne Aug 28 2005

Liferaft strops to hydrostatic release too loose both sides. [done ]

One hydrostatic release upside down [done ]

Flag attached to radar reflector.[done ]

Put radar reflector away [done ]

Various shackles to be seized/moused. [check with riggers ]

Mainsail wooden hoops broken .[ check with riggers ]

Ropes to be sorted & run as if xx for sailing.[ check with riggers ]

Tink! I  can't read your spidery writing! Use skerries to enter and amend the xxx

Engine room bilge pump not working properly. [Oh! Yes! It is!]

Check [intermittent] working of Saloon bilge pump.[work in progress ]

Have we 20 life jackets and safety lines.[Sep5, 20 jackets 16 lines]

Pressurised water system needs repressurizing.[in hand]

Charge hand-held.[ New battery fitted Aug 22th by Paul ]

P/S stern tube needs grease in reservoir. (Check S/B!)

[Some servicing done on P/S tube but needs to be out of the water for real fix]

High level alarm in engine room not working.

[attended to! Operational! 2min. delay not allowed for ]